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Amiga is a Chrome Extension that automatically swipes right for you on Tinder.

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Swipe 24/7

Increase the size of your dating pool. Amiga finds you matches while you’re eating, working, and sleeping.

Message first

We ran the numbers - and speed trumps uniqueness in the world of pickup lines. Amiga helps you strike while the iron is hot.

Use Tinder Boost intelligently

Ever wonder when to use Boost? Amiga intelligently uses Boost when it thinks you’ll get the most matches

Personalize your swiping

Don’t waste time on the wrong people. By analyzing their bio, Amiga predicts what kind of relationship your Tinder match is looking for before swiping on them.

Ethnicity filters

Most of us connect best with people who have similar backgrounds. Use Amiga’s ethnicity filters to Like (or even Superlike) specific profiles.

Sexual orientation filters

Amiga understands sexual orientation. Don’t waste time with profiles you’ll never meet IRL.

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